My YouTube Channel:

My gaming station at home. It’s a dream come to true to build it.

I’m a stereotype breaker. I always do.

First let me say, I’ve finally had the confidence to create a YouTube channel. I’ve been worried that I’m not good enough for YouTube that my awkwardness will not fit for social media. Also, I was overthinking how can I deal with hate comments in the future once my traction grows big? After many years, now I don’t give AF.

In my channel, I’m not going to share deep life lessons on how to be successful or any type of ‘master class’ how to make money because like you, I’m literally Googling it right now. Lol My channel is about me getting raw, unfiltered, unbothered and to show my sassiness.

I’m a combo of a girly-girl and techy hackerish. I’m into modern technology; I have a fintech start-up, I’m a tech blogger, and I built my PC briefcase hence gaming is relevant to my passion and skills. Although I’m not a professional gamer my skills are good enough to play at a medium level (in shooting games). Many people may doubt my ability because there’s always a stereotype for females in tech, start-up, and gaming but I don’t let people define my skills. If I can lead a male-dominating industry in tech and if I am able to engineer a pc briefcase and code the system to work the processor, I believe I can also strategize video games. It is only a matter of practice and consistency. 

But behind a monitor and above all, I’m just a loving and loyal partner. I’m a good friend and I make a solid alliance with people. I build a relationship because I value it. I’m not competitive with anyone unless it will make me rich. If you tell me you are better looking than me, lovely! If you tell me I’m fat and you are sexier, HOT! If you tell me, you are smarter than me in the class; well I’m happy for you! lol, I won’t argue because I choose my fight and I monetize my energy. Everything that I do for a living is for my family’s future and I am going to build an empire with my love. I started by building a fintech and gaming on YouTube/Twitch. I just hope I can keep it up! 😊

Subscribe to my new YouTube channel so it is not only my dad and sister who watch it. Haha!

When the codes work for processor. I celebrated it.
Motherboard installed, codes done and games installed.
Multitasking Playing, Netflix, dim sum and chatting with boo.
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