How To Date A Real Nerd Person.

My gaming station at home. It’s a dream come to true to build it.

I’m a stereotype breaker. I always do.

First let me say, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m happy that I’ve finally had the confidence to create a YouTube channel. It has taken me some time because I’ve been worried that I’m not good enough for YouTube and that my awkwardness will not fit for social media. Also, I was overthinking what if my traction grows and I have millions of subscribers someday, how can I deal with hate comments? I have never been so confident but now that I am over 30 and I’ve built my own servers, I gained the confidence that if anyone will bully me online all I can say is good luck to them. Lol

In my YouTube channel, I’m not going to share deep life lessons on how to be successful or any type of “master class” in the webinar on how to make money because like you, I’m literally Googling it right now and still hustling. I don’t consider myself successful yet hence, I am not in the right position to tell people what’s up. My channel is about me getting raw, unfiltered, unbothered, and to share my sassiness.

I’m a combo of a girly-girl and techy hackerish. I’m very feminine, stylish, and I’m into modern technology. I have a fintech startup where I lead the tech developers team, I’m a tech blogger where I am often invited to be startup correspondent in fintech events, I’m engaging in tech forum (Hackeraday), and I build my briefcase pc. Therefore video games are relevant activities to my passion and skills. Although I’m not a professional gamer my skills are good enough to play at a medium level (in shooting games). Many people may doubt my ability because there are always stereotypes for females in tech and gaming industries but I don’t let anyone define my skills. If I can lead a male-dominating industry in startup and if I am able to engineer a briefcase pc, I believe that I can also strategize video games it is only a matter of practice, focus, and consistency. I still have a lot to learn. 

But behind a monitor and above all, I’m just a sweetheart and loving person. I’m supportive and solid to people I love. I’m not competitive with anyone unless it will make me rich. I don’t compete and argue with anyone unnecessarily because I always choose my fight and I monetize my energy. Everything that I do for a living is for my boo in the future.

However, before I build my empire with the future baby daddy there is a nerd list on how to date a person like me.

When the codes work for processor. I celebrated it.
Motherboard installed, codes done and games installed.
Multitasking Playing, Netflix, dim sum and chatting with boo.

1) I’m a keyboard warrior: I don’t like long phone calls and flirt talk because I don’t always have time to call but when I do, I still don’t. Haha! I prefer to send massive sweet messages with my favourite emojis.

I’m also good at hanging up a phone when the conversation becomes rude. I’m not interested in arguments.

2) I analyze: I’m an analytical person who wants to understand the things I care about from every angle. If you want to talk about #lifegoals, I will not write them on Instagram captions instead I will propose our timeline life goals either in PowerPoint or XSL (with target dates and status) and we will figure out together if the life we envision will really work.

3) I need space and a lot of it: I don’t like a needy person that needs my love and attention every few hours. It scares me. I require space to dive into my favourite things such as downloading movies, engineering my briefcase, writing on the blog, and working with the startup team. I don’t need to write down a huge list of my agenda because basically this just what I do for a living.

4) I don’t play games: I play video games, yes but when it comes to my relationship, I’m straightforward. If you want to date me, I will see you on DD/MM at time xx:yy. The only indecisive situation with me is when I explore with options if our plan A doesn’t work.

5) I’m a problem-solver: I don’t like people who whine and complain about things. So, if we will have problems in a relationship, I will offer solutions X,Y, and Z. If your solutions are better than mine, I’m open to the possibility of following you. Subject if your solution is logical and will add value to our relationship.

6) I’m socially awkward: I’m a half-introvert and half-extrovert. My patience to socialize with friends (or even your friends) won’t last more than 5 hours. So, if you will plan a massive party for an overnight, expect that I will go home earlier than everyone.

7) You need to be sexually forward: I don’t respond to subtle hints. I am not interested to read people’s body language or get the signal they want me to participate. I can be slow to follow through so sex or intimacy will be a straightforward discussion. I know it sounds boring but it is true. Lol

8) Teach me how to handle our relationship conflicts: I’m an ultimate and verified nerd who can fix a computer better than my relationship. I tend to be more logical than emotional so to be overly emotional or dramatic in an argument will not help us. You must have higher EQ than me to guide me on how to handle our relationship conflicts because I have an issue to forget an anniversary, and I won’t cook for my lover if I can easily place an order in Grab, things like that.

9) I’m sensitive in stereotype: I’ve experienced rejection in pitch startups before I finally win investment for two major reasons: I’m female which most people have a stereotype for women and I’m not that great anyway. It took me some years to learn how to pitch professionally to win trust, respect, and money. So, I’m sensitive about stereotyping my work, skills, background, and nationality. I need a partner who doesn’t criticize my hard work, background and dreams. I need a partner who is my cheerleader, supportive, and number 1 fan.

10) We will not have a big wedding: I’m particular in my finances because I don’t ask for money, I make it! Hence, I’m calculative in expenses I will not like a fairytale wedding to impress people I don’t know in the first place. Also, I can easily get nervous if I am surrounded by many people. How will you expect me to entertain everyone for more than 5 hours? I highly suggest to the future baby daddy to select our five VIP guests because we won’t have more than that. haha! 🙂

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