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Big Tech: Intertrust Technologies

Gentek is bringing to market a solution enabling consumer off-the-shelf Android handsets to become contactless payment terminals supporting both face-to-face and e-commerce transactions. Gentek solutions are secured by Intertrust’s white Crypton suite of products, delivering comprehensive protection from reverse engineering and tampering as well as market-leading white-box technology. As a result, Gentek’s encryption applications and keys are protected at all times. – First to market with technology to enable EMV chip and pin payment processing directly on consumer-grade handsets – With Felix, customer payments are processed both in-person and online by holding contactless bank cards against Android smartphones. – Felix, with its unique technology architecture, …

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Lifestyle Blog: A Relaxing Weekend In Singapore.

I have an upcoming project with my business partners and we are working on UX/UI design. I can’t reveal it yet but you will all know it here before we launch it. It feels insane to type out the functionality on Balsamiq! I’ve been working on it with the team for hours until midnight almost every day. I never thought I’d go to so many details after my PC briefcase project. Haha!

So, after the Skype call meeting, I’ve thought it would be nice to have dinner in town. I need a break from the hustle/bustle life of a startup. I love …

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The PC Briefcase Project Part 2.

Hey there, I’m Kathleen and I want to share my fun journey building a PC Briefcase. I have no formal education in technology as I didn’t study information technology at school so apologies in advance if my terminologies may be incorrect or my guidelines are not structured (I will do a better job next time, ah!). 

However, I’m happy to share that since I was a little kid, I spent a lot of time playing video games at home. Technically speaking, I had my first lesson on a computer at grade school and did well in class. From there I realized technology is …

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The Project PC Briefcase Part 1.

This photo is not mine. I will follow the instruction how to build a portable gaming/travel laptop briefcase.

Cleaning the CPU to get rid of dust for better flow of air. To avoid over heat. I wanted to mount a new cooler but I don’t have a part. I went to Sim Lim Square earlier but they don’t have it. So, I need to remount the old cooler then.

So, there’s a CPU situation here. I want to play video games using my old desktop which is 27″ but since the screen is massive and sometimes I am not at home (I’m everywhere!) I want a portable …

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Startup Pitch to get funded for over $150,000.

Investible are
scouting for the most innovative startups across Southeast Asia and Australia
to represent their countries at China’s Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship
Conference (OTEC).

Investible are holding seven-pitch battles across Southeast Asia to find the most innovative startups to compete in the semi-finals of the ultimate international pitch battle – OTEC Kunming, to qualifying for the finals in Beijing this July.   

For the first time in four years,
Investible have extended their Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (OTEC)
search to Southeast Asia. With OTEC one of the world’s largest VC events, the
move reflects Investible’s recent expansion and commitment to supporting …

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FinTech Event: Money20/20

I’ve been a fan of tech and fintech startups’ events for two years now and all I can say is that I enjoy it. When I attend a startup event, the very first agenda in my mind is to see the program on stage, followed by browsing the vendors’ booth from A-Z, collecting business information, check out the food (oh, the buffet!) and meeting likeminded people. I never run out of business cards but every time I attend a startup event, I’m obliged to bring it.

In the recent event I attended, I was invited by Aleksi

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Chapter 1: My Life As A Start-up Founder.

Chapter 1: My Life As A Start-up Founder.

Hello, I’m Kathleen the author behind, it’s a personal and startup blog founded in Singapore in 2012 (renamed in 2018). I consider myself an active startup founder, angel investor, and legal consultant on the state-island for being engaging in the startup community. Whilst running a small business and studying for an MBA in 2017, I began blogging in entrepreneurship and investment as my creative platform to express my passion and interest. Slowly I evolved and connect with fintech organizations for collaboration. In 2018, …

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