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Part 2 Singapore #Coronavirus Outbreak: Things I do at home nowadays.

Just lepaking lor.

I have always been determined to study subjects I am passionate about for the sake of the intellectual journey itself, rather than merely as a means of securing a place in the working world. Hence, I was and still unbothered to work for a company because I don’t desire a 9-5 job. That is why as an undergrad in Singapore, I decided to study business and law in 2010, much to the dismay of my mother who had always pressured me toward the hard sciences. She wanted a doctor in our family.

Being a young law student my early morning means reading crime reports and corporate fraud cases on my Samsung tablet on the train on the way to school. I have the ability to concentrate no matter how chaotic my surroundings.

After I’ve successfully finished law school I work with clients in investment agreements, the stress and pressure get into me

I needed a break and I’ve stopped reading the news for a while. Like any turning point in life, getting older involves soul-searching, and I have spent many evenings reflecting on my memories at law school and law firm. Inevitably, my mind turns to plan how I can build a happy and healthy relationship with someone. Many confusing years later,  I found the one. I’ve never been outspoken about my love life but gradually, I overcame my shyness and insecurity so now here I am writing an article about my simple journey in Singapore in my 30’s.

I became more compassionate, understanding, and less self-centered. It is not rocket science to change it just takes time to reflect.

At the beginning of 2020, I’ve read a lot of heartbreaking news from the massive bushfires across Australia, Iran and the United States political war, my beloved hometown Taal volcano eruption to the death of an NBA star Kobe Bryant. I paused and I’ve stopped reading the news again. If I can only live a day without checking the Internet, I would but being a startup founder, I can’t ghost and just do my own thing people will look for me so here I am being active online.

When I returned to Singapore from a business trip in India, I’ve learned about the #Coronavirus outbreak and honestly, just like many people I’m ignorant and I don’t know what is going on. I’ve spent many late evenings reading news on CNA, MOH’s website and Financial Times because they provide a reliable source of information. My sadness as a naïve 30 plus something woman came to inform my proactive stance and future view of the world as a place that needed to change.

I knew sooner or later the Coronavirus outbreak will create chaos in the community from out-of-stock masks anywhere on the island to a panic buying situation. I just hoped it will not happen too soon.

I have the option to leave Singapore because my family is living in the States. I’m fortunate to have loved ones who care, however, despite the current situation in Singapore I’ve decided to stay for a while because…

The Ministry of Health steps up coronavirus response to code orange after 3 new cases with an unknown source. It means the new confirmed cases are not from foreign origin but it is within Singapore, including a junior college teacher who has no travel history in China.

The orange code means the outbreak is deemed to have moderate to high public health impact but in my opinion, as I see how the Singapore government is responding to the situation, it is still under control.

It also means researchers and scientists are aggressively trying to stop or limit further spread by looking at the medical data of suspected patients. Once they learn the cause of the problems, they will be able to determine how to stop it.

Remember Singapore was able to fight Sars within a year, I strongly believe Singapore can fight Coronavirus within few months.

Okay lah, I’m just trying to calm down and I’m literally lepaking at home, doing not much until I can work back to normal lor. I’m creating activities at home so I won’t be bored. However, no matter how I turn on my zen mode, I have no choice but to go out and buy food. In my surprised supermarket chain items such as rice, canned goods, meats and noodles began flying off the shelves.


The “Panic Buying” Situation In Singapore.

My friends on WhatsApp group chats say, “let’s not panic and look on the positive”.  I agree with them but when food is running out of stock, how to chill? haha

The words “Panic Buying” are literally just a phrase because, in Singapore, the situation is still calm. People take the food from the shelves properly (note: we don’t grab it from others), we queued properly, we don’t shout at others, and we don’t overtake someone’s queue. If you see people who aren’t disciplined, you already know where they come from. Lol

Feeling cool in my electric air purifying mask. The truth is I don’t like wearing a surgical mask, I will not die in coronavirus I will die in my breathe after eating nasi lamak with sambal chilli at lunch. lol

Ohhhhhhhkay, shopping starts now.

Most essential foods that you can stock for a few days are gone. Auntie, where’s my chicken maggi? Why you took it all? haha

One of the things I am proud to Singaporeans they are disciplined and gracious. They are calm, no one complains so far, they don’t anyhow grab a food from others, no fighting, and they queue properly.

Who am I not to follow them? Of course, I did the same.

Finally, after a long queue and a few selfies it is my turn at the cashier. Yayyyyyy!

People have different opinions how to stay safe, some are super chill and are unbothered to travel despite the coronavirus is spreading overseas and others are taking the precaution seriously.

In my case, I prefer not to travel too soon and I am staying at home most of the days. I don’t meet my friends, I cancelled meetings, I don’t accept party invitations and literally I’m nomading work in my apartment.

I’ve done a few things while being a house Kath.

1. I cleaned my apartment like I never cleaned it before (my mother would be proud yo).

2. No outdoor workout. I can’t fake-bake my tan. 😂

3. I started writing down lucky numbers for toto.

4. I have the luxury to update my blog. I'm no longer basic. 😂

5. I became hopeless romantic after watching #MoneyHeist (for the 2nd time).

6. I re-read the long WhatsApp messages of my friends I take for granted before. Is it too late to say I’m sorry?

7. I’ve created a YouTube channel I look so cool I might delete it later.

8. I realized how stupid some of my posts on Instagram (time to clean up!).

9. I started to have an #OOTD using my electric air purifying mask.

10. I broke up with boo because I felt it was the end of the world but got back together after 8-hours (lol kidding).

11. I watched too many crime films on #Netflix I feel I'm a villain now.

12. I started creating mood board on Pinterest.

13. I taught my helper how to take a photo of me for Instagram.

14. I learned how to sing a Hindi song (Makhna).

15. I started Googling where is the safest place to relocate on earth.

Read Part 1 of my living situation during #Coronavirus outbreak here.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe, everyone!

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