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Paul Immigrations Reviews: My life in Singapore.

Here I am sharing how my life unfolds as an immigrant. It all started when I decided to be localized in Singapore. If you are a professional looking for a relocation opportunity, the Paul Immigrations agency can help. They provide professional services and they can help you in evaluation of your documents. You will no longer be guessing why the ICA rejected your application because the Paul Immigrations can answer all the questions.

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Trip to Legian beach in Bali.

After I lose my childhood best friend Apple Vergara from brain cancer, I traveled to Bali. I nomad my work and I learned surfing in Legian beach. I don’t see myself that I am strong enough and my thoughts are pretty pathetic. But it all changed when I traveled to Bali alone. I realized I wasn’t lack of strength. It was that I didn’t believe in myself enough and I wasn’t performing the right actions to achieve what I wanted to.

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VC Tips: How To Make Smart Decisions Before You Invest.

Here you can read investment tips on how to make smart decisions in investment, how to make basic due diligence, how to judge an investment pitch and what to do if get scammed? There are many investment scammers out there and through legal work and advanced technology you can avoid scams and/or address an issue when it happened.

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