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How To Build A Briefcase PC using Raspberry Pi.

Two of the reasons why I don’t invite friends to my house let alone why I don’t have housemates because I value privacy over saving money for rent. I have computer wires, components, and my old CPUs are stored in my storage room hence I am not comfortable inviting guests for them to see what’s up. 😂

I’m constantly looking for innovating my computer gear and also, I’m the type of person who has no patience if my Internet is slow hence I upgraded my Internet from standard Wi-Fi to Fiber, and I also use my own server.

If you have been reading …

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On Preparation For My YouTube Channel.

Growing up from a big family of five children and the second to the youngest child, I was definitely a mix of an introvert and an extrovert. As an introvert I was a total bookworm, I love reading Marvel and Japanese anime comics, I do my homework in the car on the way home so I can have more time reading after dinner, and I was wearing thick specs at a young age (I had Lasik in my teen). As an extrovert, I like hanging out with aunties over high-tea as I find it fancy to dress up. However, I don’t remember I have ever …

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Wonderful Experience: Pitch to VCs in Zoom.

Wow! I can’t believe it has been a few weeks since we hosted a “Pitch to VCs in Zoom”. There are so many incredible updates after the event where participants are now connected and discussing the potential of working together. I would say it was a fantastic experience as it was my first time to host an online event and it turned out great. Although of course, there are many things to improve and I have noted on every feedback. Perhaps in the next event, we will do something different and a more structured but fun event.

I enjoyed co-hosting the event with Mr. Vince …

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