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Cozy Christmas Eve (2020)

I’m not a homebody type but since I’ve stayed home most of the year due to lockdown, I’ve embraced my situation, became comfortable at home, and I created a cozy setting in my bathroom. We all have different ways to celebrate Christmas some of you perhaps like to host parties, going outdoors, bonding in karaoke, or traveling. Whatever you want to enjoy your holiday it is nobody’s business. There should not be strict rules on how you want to spend your hard-earned money, for as long as you are spending it for your loved ones, and you are enjoying it.

In my opinion, the Christmas …

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Why NUS Grads Get Higher Salary Than Others?

I had drinks in the CBD with an old friend not too long time ago and he shared his thoughts about how he finds NUS graduates are not really smart and therefore, should not be paid higher than others.

First of all, the comments about NUS graduates are not smart are a subjective judgment of the alumni’s abilities and the thoughts that NUS graduates should not be paid higher than others are arguably untrue and therefore, open to disagreement.

Let me share why top-tiered college graduates perform (nominally) better than their peers and may have validate reasons to request for …

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