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WORK & PLAY IN Swissôtel The Stamford.

Even a standard room has a king size bed. Each room is spacious.

Hotel in Singapore for business people.

When it comes to the best location, it’s tough to beat Swissôtel The Stamford. This five-star hotel is 3 minutes’ walk from City Hall MRT station and 8 minutes’ walk from Parliament House. It is also connected in the shopping centres at Raffles where you can have a delightful coffee, find the coolest restaurants and interesting boutiques.

The rooms are very spacious which are perfect for …

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Criminal Law: Felony Murder.

I’d like to share my answer from my thesis in Criminal law. This is an interesting topic.

Characteristically, to be guilty of murder, a strong mens rea requirement, such as knowing that what you are doing will result in the victim’s death, must be satisfied.  As explained in class, according to the Felony Murder Rule, “any death resulting from the commission or attempted commission of a felony is murder.”  So if the victim dies as a “side-effect” of the commission of a felony, then the defendant …

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Rule 74 Section 2. Summary settlement of estate of small value.


Rule 74 Section 2. Summary settlement of estate of small value. — Whenever the gross value of the estate of a deceased person, whether he died testate or intestate, does not exceed ten thousand pesos, and that fact is made to appear to the Court of First Instance having jurisdiction of the estate by the petition of an interested person and upon hearing, which shall be held not less than one (1) month nor more than three (3) months from the date of the last publication of a notice which shall …

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The Lady From South Of France.

I hear the gentle knock on the door, and my heart begins to beat faster in my chest. I rush over and swing it open, eager to greet the woman on the other side.

Her grin is wide and infectious. I cannot help but laugh with joy at the sight of her. We embrace across the threshold and I pull her inside.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she says as she wipes her feet and surveys my modest hotel room. “I had …

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