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“Corona or no corona staying away from people is always a good idea.” 😂

Chapter 4: Dreaming to live in Bali.

Most of my friends call me, “Baby Kat” because for them I’m a sweetheart and someone who doesn’t get angry easily. I know when to hold my frustrations and when to react. I was trained in law school for 4.5 years and I learned how to communicate with people. I don’t argue unnecessarily because law school taught me that there are no right and wrong answers. It is all about the constructive argument you can make. This is why the Socratic Method is used in almost every law class that you take. After working in M&A, I’ve thought to unwind from a stressful life so I travel to Bali a few times a month. 😂 I work remotely in a budget villa, I surf in Legian beach and I work again at night whilst listening to a bad rap songs playlist.

I created a blog as an outlet to express my passion for startups, technology, and a few inappropriate facts about my life. I’m a terrible baker and I’m an excellent startup founder with A+ in Tech Innovation in MBA many of my classmates have doubted my thesis and some thought it was my scientist ex who made it. That’s because he legit looks smarter than me but looks can be deceiving yo. I can pretend that I don’t know things and ask questions whilst I’m doing social engineering to get your passwords. Lol 😂 However, I’m not a threat I’m just a fun-loving, sweetheart, half-structured and half-spontaneous chic, funny and horribly addicted to peri-peri lemon sauce. Seriously, I’ll put peri-peri lemon sauce on anything. Do you roast a chicken? Well, then I will bring my sauce. That said I’ll also share it with you if you say the magic word. 

If I’m not working, I’m a homebody building my pc briefcase, hitting the gym, taking selfies of my booty after work out, or catching up with mates over Piña colada. And oh, I’m incredibly judgmental…only when it comes to pitching in investment. Otherwise, I’m an easygoing and chairwoman of chill (©).  I’m really a chic who enjoys both social meetups and staying at home. Self-isolation? I have been self-isolating since I build my pc briefcase. 

Stay safe, everyone! 

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