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    Astana Financial Services Authority and Monetary Authority Singapore cooperation.

    Astana Financial Services Authority, Astana International Financial Centre Authority and Monetary Authority of Singapore sign Co-operation Agreement to boost fintech ties.


    Singapore, 13 November 2018… The Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA), Astana International Financial Centre Authority (AIFCA) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) have signed a tripartite Cooperation Agreement to boost FinTech ties between Singapore and Kazakhstan.

    2 The Agreement provides a framework for cooperation between AFSA, AIFCA and …

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    How to cope with stress in startup?

    While in the process of finishing our startup website (soon it will be launched) I received questions from our subscribers on how to deal with problems and stress in a startup.

    If you’re a co-founder and/or working for a startup and you’re experiencing difficulties, emotional breakdowns and stress. You’re not alone! I can totally relate to your issues and I am here to share my thoughts on how to cope with stress and …

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    I’ve been a Survivor fan for 36 seasons and I can remember the names of the best contestants (mind you!). This article isn’t about sharing with you what I learn in every season because that will be a novel. Ha ha. But I’d like to share my thoughts about the current episode and how Brendan Shapiro was voted out unnecessarily that could have been avoided.

    Michael Yerger and Brendan …

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