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    Non-Technical Advice: Stock Trading Tips For Women.

    Since I shared my trading portfolio on my social media, I’ve been receiving questions from ladies on how stock trading works, what are my strategies, and how one can be successful real quick? These are interesting questions but let me just have a disclaimer here that I am not a professional trader hence I am only sharing non-technical …

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    VC Tips: How To Make Smart Decisions Before You Invest.

    Here you can read investment tips on how to make smart decisions in investment, how to make basic due diligence, how to judge an investment pitch and what to do if get scammed? There are many investment scammers out there and through legal work and advanced technology you can avoid scams and/or address an issue when it happened.

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    AirBnB Studio Available In Makati.

    If you’re looking for a cozy and affordable AirBnB in Makati, the Philippines then look no further. I have something cool to offer you, a studio unit at Gramercy Residences located at the heart of Makati. This high-end condominium is the first fully-furnished, fully-services, hyper-amenitized and fully-technologized condominium – a New York-inspired luxury tower of unmatched grace and elegance.  The building is developed by Century Properties and based on a design collaboration between top Filipino …

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    Investments Questions For Start-Up: How To Evaluate Investment & Equity?

    After making it to the finals in Start-Up World Cup India Regional Finale since the month of December 2017 I received so many emails regarding investments, how to understand evaluation, and how much shares to give to the investors. I am no by means a financial expert or someone in the right position to make solid advice to both startups and investors but I am someone who has a basic understanding in finance and has …

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    Top Qualities You Should Look For A Co-Founder.

    We all have ideals of co-founders and partners we have in mind. Some of our ideals are over the top, and some are reasonable. But what are really the top qualities of a co-founder that you should look for?

    One of the most important tasks to make your startup a success is to build the right team. In order to do so, you must know the right qualities of a business partner.

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    The start-up founders most common worries.

    Recently I received emails from my blog readers and founders community in Singapore. They asked about start-up most common worries. I’ve thought it will be helpful to share on this blog, please feel free to write to me. I would love to check my inbox.

    Do you recommend starting more than one startup at one time or should you rather focus on one startup at a time?

    I’d say focus on one startup …

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    Changes For Year 2018: Fintech

    Successful People Act In Spite Of Fear.
    Unsuccessful People Let Fear Stop Them.


    I’ve been blogging for quite some years and if you’ve been following my blog (thank you!) you know that I’m always the fierce, outspoken, unafraid and passionate woman. I share my reasonable views about everything and I will never do things to make others happy for me. I know how to make myself happy and …

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