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    How To Find The Right Co-founder?

    There are many books that you can learn how to find the right co-founder and how to start-up a company. In my own perspectives, I believe that you should associate yourself with positive, driven and successful people. Their energy and positive vibe are contagious.

    Successful start-up founders look at other successful individuals as means to motivate themselves. We see other people as models to learn from and we listen to their stories so we can use it as pattern to succeed in business. We are grateful that others have succeeded before us so that we can use their blueprint to follow their formula to success. …

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    Travel: What Can You Do In Semarang, Indonesia?

    I never heard anything about Semarang, Indonesia before. All these years I’ve only visited Jakarta, Bali, Batam and Bintan so last year when my co-founder Josh told me about how he loves so much to stay and work in Semarang, I’ve thought he only loves it because of the food or because he finds a beautiful Javanese girl. Lol It was only when I traveled to Semarang that I finally understand why it is facinating to work and play in the city of Java.

    First of all, Semarang is a port city on the north coast of Java, Indonesia. Its old quarter features Dutch colonial …

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