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    I’m not going to lie; it’s hard to imagine a life outside Singapore. I mean I’ve been living here for nearly 20 years and I have so many amazing memories. Although I’ve lived overseas before in New York (2007), Sydney (2008/2010)

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    A Relaxing Weekend In Singapore.

    I have an upcoming project with my business partners and we are working on UX/UI design. I can’t reveal it yet but you will all know it here before we launch it. It feels insane to type out the functionality on Balsamiq! I’ve been working on it with the team for hours until …

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    LIFESTYLE BLOG: My Home in Singapore.

    I don’t usually post photos of my home because I don’t intend to be a style blogger but since I’m planning to relocate next year (or God knows even sooner?) I have thought to share my home as I have so many sweet memories here. More than a year ago I …

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    I’m a lover of weekend, who isn’t?


    I’ve been asked many times of what I do for a living on a daily basis. Did you know in the U.S., this question is actually offensive? It sounds like you’re making a judgement of other person’s earning and what she does for a living. In Singapore …

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