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    In Preparation To Leave Singapore.

    I’m not going to lie; it’s hard to imagine a life outside Singapore. I mean I’ve been living here for nearly 18 years and I have so many amazing memories. Although I’ve lived overseas before in New York (2007), Sydney (2008/2010) and Boston (2015/16) but I keep coming back to Singapore.

    Singapore ranked as the fourth place to best Asian destinations to live, work and study. It is the best place to reside because the infrastructure is organized, the economy is strong and stable, excellent quality …

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    How To Innovate Your Bedroom With A Projector?

    When I came back to Singapore from Dublin my TV was broken. 😭😭 And I couldn’t help but worried I will get bored in my evenings at home. I’m addicted to #Netflix, HBO and the TV shows I downloaded in my server hence, to watch a TV at night is my siesta time. Haha!

    I don’t want to spend over $1,000 for a nice TV so, I’ve thought it is brilliant to set up an LCD projector in the room. I feel giddy about it and even more excited than I could have imagined. My bedroom is cozy, minimalist and neat. It feels heavenly and …

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    On Entrepreneurship: Here’s how to have a relaxing lifestyle whilst you run a business.

    It feels good to be able to blog again whilst my sister is visiting Southeast Asia. I have over 3 weeks off and it feels strange that I have so much time to enjoy the little things. I’ve spent 1.2 weeks in Manila and I enjoyed the local food and spa! Nothing beats a body massage that comes with a fresh honey ginger tea after. I feel rejuvenated. I didn’t organize any meetup dates with friends because I want to have time for myself and of course, to have quality time with my sister before we celebrate her birthday in Singapore. She literally had a …

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    What I Do When I’m Not Working: Photography and Cooking.

    I grew up in a home where good meals are served on a daily basis and on the weekend, we have a feast. My mum has European descent and her tastes for meals, table setting, and weekend getaway for her children are admirable. Few times a year we have fancy parties in our home where I helped in the kitchen to table décor. At age eight, I designed the table around them – using flowers, napkins, colourful plates, and a welcome note to the guests.

    There were no Pinterest or online magazines those days so everything I knew was from my mother. She gave me …

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    Lifestyle Blog: A Relaxing Weekend In Singapore.

    I have an upcoming project with my business partners and we are working on UX/UI design. I can’t reveal it yet but you will all know it here before we launch it. It feels insane to type out the functionality on Balsamiq! I’ve been working on it with the team for hours until midnight almost every day. I never thought I’d go to so many details after my PC briefcase project. Haha!

    So, after the Skype call meeting, I’ve thought it would be nice to have dinner in town. I need a break from the hustle/bustle life of a startup. I love …

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    LIFESTYLE BLOG: My Home in Singapore.

    I don’t usually post photos of my home because I don’t intend to be a style blogger but since I’m planning to relocate next year (or God knows even sooner?) I have thought to share my home as I have so many sweet memories here. More than a year ago I moved out from an HDB to a sub-urban apartment in Singapore near the reservoir with an intent that maybe, just maybe if I will have time, I can have a dog again. The park at the reservoir and the beautiful scenery will be perfect for me and the dog, especially on the weekend. Unfortunately, …

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    I’m a lover of weekend, who isn’t?

    I’ve been asked many times what I do for a living on a daily basis. Did you know in the U.S., this question is actually offensive? It sounds like you’re making a judgment of another person’s earning and what she does for a living. In Singapore for some reasons, this is a common question of most locals. I believe they are interested of what others are really doing for a living when they’re in Singapore(?).

    What I do for a living is quite simple – I work on weekdays and I chill on weekend. I believe that I do not have to make …

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