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    Girls Bonding In The City And My Tips For Women.

    I was the happiest when my sister confirmed her trip to Singapore from L.A. My younger sister is my bestie amongst the siblings because we grew up together, we have been through a lot of family dramas and I look after her when she was a little girl. Though I have been looking forward to our girls bonding in Singapore I didn’t want it to be sooooo extra and expensive. 😂 We are the …

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    Lifestyle Blog: A Fun afternoon with Paivikki.

    Growing Up:

    As I get older I don’t focus on myself, title, validation, or anything that will just look good on the outside (although I still do sometimes, haha!). I learned to be a supportive friend, a sort of the cheerleader among my girlfriends or inner circle, taking emotional care of them when they need me. I learned not to overly talk about big stuff but rather talk about sincere and genuine things. I learned …

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    The Philippines Embassy in Singapore: Bayanihan Walk and Lecture 2019.

    I have been living in Singapore for more than 16 years and I am not proud to admit that I have never attended a single Filipino event or project for a cause until 2019. It was only when I met Arthur Jake Villanueva (a.k.a. AJ) that I became interested to support the projects of the Filipino community in Singapore. My reason for not being supportive is never about a denial of where I come from but when …

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    Girls bonding in the city.

    With the recent stress at school, business and managing responsibilities at home I haven’t been fashionably daring. I intend to make my life low-key and easy to manage so I can re-focus on my priorities.  With my duties and expectations of people from me, it isn’t always so simple to come up with fresh and effortless looks. Like many women, I struggle in my own existence. Sometimes I feel I am too much and other times I …

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    A fine lunch date with the ladies at Coriander Leaf.


    I haven’t seen Paivikki and Ellen for months so when I’ve heard they’re in town we decided to catch up and have lunch at Coriander Leaf in Chijmes.

    Coriander Leaf is an award-winning restaurant in Singapore. The chefs are proudly making Asian fusion dish at reasonable price and the resto has a relaxing environment. It is definitely the perfect choice for business meetings and casual meet-ups. The menu is fairly extensive with …

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