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    Get to know me: My self-love. #Self-partnered?

    The most common question I receive (until they hear my accent) is where I come from. Some people are interested to know about me, my perspectives and why I walk out in meetings.

    I am not complicated and I don’t make things complicated. But it’s time to open up for the first time. 😉

    One of the first things to know while getting acquainted with me is that I take time to open …

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    My busy weekends in Singapore.

    How’s your January so far? Good? Glad to know ye.

    The month of January is one of the busiest months of my
    year because it means of filing taxes to IRS, organizing schedule, meet-ups
    with friends after their holidays and working out trying to burn all the calories
    I have consumed in December. Ha ha!

    I’m fortunate to have friends who are supportive making my
    lifestyle look so easy. 😊
    Let me begin …

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