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    A Short Trip To Remember In Dublin.

    Dublin is the capital and most famous city for tourists who wish to visit Ireland. It is home to the best Irish whiskeys, Guinness, pubs, and historical art galleries. Other activities in the city include bar hopping, shopping at St. Stephen’s Green and the famous Trinity College (I will visit it next time). The seafood restaurants at Howth Pier also make it perfect for unwinding and indulging yourself at fresh catch fish and fresh baked Irish pastries. Dublin city is beautiful indeed.

    The castle situation at Clontarf.

    I love the Castle at Clontarf which is just 8 mins drive from Dublin …

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    How To Apply For Start-up Entrepreneurship Residency In Ireland?

    You can thank me later. Buy me a kebab.

    At the Ireland Enterprise in Singapore. “Hello, I live here.” Haha 🙂

    My new favourite drink, Purple Guinness.

    A few months ago I break the news to my friends and business partners that I may leave Singapore for good and I will relocate to Ireland. Some are shocked and others are worried about my decision. I get that! it is indeed scary to relocate to a place I have never been before with no family, friends or network to support me but I also believe that our fears will stop us from growing.

    However, …

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    My Trip To Dublin, Ireland 2019.

    I had been considering visiting Europe for the longest time since I was 21 years old, however, the startup nomad in me I’m very much comfortable traveling and working just around Southeast Asia and the United States. Over the past years I didn’t really take my EU plans seriously I didn’t look for jobs, business, accommodations or even boyfriend in Europe before. Haha! No, there was no Tinder or Bumble apps during my twenties and I was not also exposed in online dating those years. I’ve spent my twenties studying academic courses in Singapore and the States and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped studying. Hence, …

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