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    Business Trip: Working At Baoding, China.

    I had fun in Baoding, a province in China.

    When I arrived in Baoding I was invited for a ‘casual dinner meeting’. Of course, when I heard ‘casual’ I also wear casual but the moment I reached in the private dining room it doesn’t look casual to me at all! ha ha.

    Thank goodness my ‘casual’ attire can pass as office attire. What I learned on this trip is that always bring extra clothes for unexpected events.

    I was invited to have a ‘casual dinner’.

    Beijing famous peking roasted duck. Yum.

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    Business Travel in China: First stop in Beijing.

    I always wanted to go to Beijing, China but for some reasons it intimidated me. Partly because it’s huge, and another reason is I can’t imagine any travel activities in Beijing. To be honest, my perception about China was ruined when I first visited Guangzhou sometime ago. Guangzhou is chaos, messy and too crowded. I couldn’t even afford to take selfies in the street because I was afraid someone will take my mobile phone. 😂

    Fast forward: I am now managing a cosmetics company which also means as a director, I have to be open minded on possibilities. I have to …

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