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    Startup is like the game of Survivor.


    I’ve been a big fan of Survivor TV series since year 2002, I watched the 36 episodes. As the TV series continues to innovate its game and so the players. I learned that Survivor is more than just social politics, winning the 1-million-dollar prize and outsmarting everyone.

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    After so many years I am finally able to understand what I have always been looking for – a life filled with peace and harmony. Why it took so much time? Well, I never wanted to be controlled by rules when I was young. I was a stubborn free bird. As …

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    Criminal Law: Felony Murder.

    I’d like to share my answer from my thesis in Criminal law. This is an interesting topic.

    Characteristically, to be guilty of murder, a strong mens rea requirement, such as knowing that what you are doing will result in the victim’s death, …

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