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    Investments Questions For Start-Up: How To Evaluate Investment & Equity?

    After making it to the finals in Start-Up World Cup India Regional Finale since the month of December 2017 I received so many emails regarding investments, how to understand evaluation, and how much shares to give to the investors. I am no by means a financial expert or someone in the right position to make solid advice to both startups and investors but I am someone who has a basic understanding in finance and has …

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    Startup is like the game of Survivor.


    I’ve been a big fan of Survivor TV series since year 2002, I watched the 36 episodes. As the TV series continues to innovate its game and so the players. I learned that Survivor is more than just social politics, winning the 1-million-dollar prize and outsmarting everyone.

    The game in Survivor is exactly the same game in startup. Allow me to share.

    1. Self-awareness is important in business because with …

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    How smart people can be friends even when we don’t like each other?


    In today’s politically correct world, we often find ourselves struggling in life to be understanding, considerate, respectful and accepting of different points of views from those around us. We might invite others with opposing beliefs and standards for lunch or a simple bbq party with our family even though we may not see eye to eye on everything. It’s even strange that we can laugh at their jokes even when we don’t …

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    Criminal Law: Felony Murder.

    I’d like to share my answer from my thesis in Criminal law. This is an interesting topic.

    Characteristically, to be guilty of murder, a strong mens rea requirement, such as knowing that what you are doing will result in the victim’s death, must be satisfied.  As explained in class, according to the Felony Murder Rule, “any death resulting from the commission or attempted commission of a …

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    Rule 74 Section 2. Summary settlement of estate of small value.

    Rule 74 Section 2. Summary settlement of estate of small value. — Whenever the gross value of the estate of a deceased person, whether he died testate or intestate, does not exceed ten thousand pesos, and that fact is made to appear to the Court of First Instance having jurisdiction of the estate by the petition of an interested person and upon hearing, which shall be held not less than …

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