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VC Tips: How To Make Smart Decisions Before You Invest.

Here you can read investment tips on how to make smart decisions in investment, how to make basic due diligence, how to judge an investment pitch and what to do if get scammed? There are many investment scammers out there and through legal work and advanced technology you can avoid scams and/or address an issue when it happened.

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Untold Story: How an Indian culture influenced my life?

A thousand words stories of why I love Indian culture since young, an old photo from memory lane, a photoshoot situation 13 years later by Jhon Nathan and mama Peppin Emerald, and a lovely song Mhakna that I attempted to sing. What is not to love about my trip to India? My heart is full love. Take me back there! 🙂

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How to prepare for your startup business plan?

Every month I receive pitch deck and business plan proposals from startups and companies looking for serious investments (seed to series 4) in venture capital and investment bank. I usually accept proposals (after an NDA) and review it in 3 business days. If I see the potential to get funded I forward the business summary to relevant investors. However, if I see the pitch is lack of information, I provide feedback.

How investment firms …

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