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Non-Technical Advice: Stock Trading Tips For Women.

Since I shared my trading portfolio on my social media, I’ve been receiving questions from ladies on how stock trading works, what are my strategies, and how one can be successful real quick? These are interesting questions but let me just have a disclaimer here that I am not a professional trader hence I am only sharing non-technical …

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How To Build A Briefcase PC using Raspberry Pi.

Two of the reasons why I don’t invite friends to my house let alone why I don’t have housemates because I value privacy over saving money for rent. I have computer wires, components, and my old CPUs are stored in my storage room hence I am not comfortable inviting guests for them to see what’s up. 😂

I’m constantly looking for innovating my computer gear and also, I’m the type of person who has no …

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On Preparation For My YouTube Channel.

Growing up from a big family of five children and the second to the youngest child, I was definitely a mix of an introvert and an extrovert. As an introvert I was a total bookworm, I love reading Marvel and Japanese anime comics, I do my homework in the car on the way home so I can have more time reading after dinner, and I was wearing thick specs at a young age (I had …

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I’ve been meaning to blog about self-compassion but since I was busy building a briefcase pc, developing a platform in a startup, managing finances, and hustling in trading I feel overwhelmed. I want to share with women how I manage to balance life and stay happy living on my own terms. My hope is that it will empower you to build yourself and to have a strong financial foundation for your future.

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