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NYE 2018 and #Adulting101

Writing a blog appears to be an individual project, but the reality is if you want to use your blog as a platform to make extra income and hopeful to have massive readers, it takes an entire team. I’ve been blogging for quite a few years but it was only in Q1 of 2018 that I learned how to really monetize it and how to collaborate with brands. I’d like to thank my marketing team, Ahmad and Jamila for maintaining my startups’ social media which includes of responding to friends’ messages. I’d like to thank Josh for working with me …

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Investor of the year 2018 by Startup Buddy in Singapore.

Four weeks ago, I received a message from my marketing team that I’m nominated as ‘Investor for the year 2018’. When I learned about this competition, I immediately emailed Merryl Jacob, the hard-working marketing executive of Startup Buddy and I requested to disregard my entry as I don’t think I’m in a position yet to compete in such title.

Her replied; “with your portfolio and record, I think you definitely fit.” (awww).

I contacted my business partner Sebastian that I will be in the same competition and if he won’t feel comfortable that we will compete against each other, …

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MBA: 3M company founded in Minnesota (case study).

Continuation from Jonathan Ive article: My first MBA module is the Innovation and Case studies where we studied selected top innovating companies. During the tutorials, we focused on four (4) topics: The Jonathan Ive (Apple case study), Gore-Tex, eBay and 3M company. Each week is an intense 3-hour class, engaging lecture and the exciting part is the group work. I had fun! 😁

As we all know that most MBA students are professional adults with full-time work most of them couldn’t make it in the tutorials. One of my classmates asked me if I can share with him my notes. I’ve thought …

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Tournament for Street Fighter V.


Street Fighter is one of the most popular fighting game series around and as a result, it has an eSports league with the ESL. The tournaments hand out cash prizes to those players who place high up in the tournament; these aren’t just small cash prizes, however.

Street Fighter IV has several different versions of the game and each version as its own eSports league; the Arcade Edition and also Ultra Street Fighter IV. The most recent version of the game however is Ultra Street Fighter IV which has more tournaments and larger prize pools also; the …

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Rule 74 Section 2. Summary settlement of estate of small value.


Rule 74 Section 2. Summary settlement of estate of small value. — Whenever the gross value of the estate of a deceased person, whether he died testate or intestate, does not exceed ten thousand pesos, and that fact is made to appear to the Court of First Instance having jurisdiction of the estate by the petition of an interested person and upon hearing, which shall be held not less than one (1) month nor more than three (3) months from the date of the last publication of a notice which shall be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks …

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